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Here you will find our consignment agreement form. Please fill out & return it either in person or via email. If you are dropping off your artwork we will have the form here for you to fill out, but we suggest you read over it before you come for your own knowledge. You can reach us at

For those shipping their artwork:

Please print out the form and include it in the box with your artworks. The beginning date is the day you fill it out the form, the end date will be two weeks after the end of exhibit and date for Artist Representation will be one month after the exhibit. We can fill that out for you or you can ask us for the exact dates if you prefer. 

Thank you for exhibiting with us!

Simply click the document on the right to download the PDF.

ATTENTION ARTISTS: By participating in any of our exhibits you are giving us the permission to use your artworks in promo as we see fit. We have the write to manipulate artwork to fit a flyer etc. You will get credit for the flyer.  If you do not want your work to be used in promo before the exhibit or during, please tell us. If you have any issues with this tell us tell us before hand. Everything we create is for your promotion as well as the exhibit. We take care of our artists and have your best interest at heart, but need your cooperation to do so. 

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