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What is SugarMynt Gallery?

  • SugarMynt Gallery is an art gallery located in South Pasadena, CA, the notorious filming location for the 1978 horror classic, Halloween. The art gallery is next door to the original Michael Myers house, and a walking distance from many of the filming locations. SugarMynt hosts interchanging art exhibitions throughout the year with a focus on "Where Everyday is Halloween" and is best known for the annual Halloween exhibit Welcome to Haddonfield, a tribute to the Halloween films.

What are your upcoming events are you having?

  • Click here and scroll down to the bottom of the events page for our list.

What's the best way to be first informed?​

  • Instagram: @sugarmyntgallery

How much is gallery admission?

  • $20/person Beyond the curtain: Current exhibit, photo op, Michael and Hocus Pocus section. No reservation required during regular buiness hours. Paid upon arrival 

  • We accept Cash, Card, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Venmo.

  • Movies and special events increase.


How can I visit the gallery?​

  • Come during our regular business hours. No appointment needed

  • Or come during one of our events. Special events are required pre-purchased admission ticket due to limited seating. Click here ----> EVENTS for upcoming events.

Where can I make reservations for upcoming events?

What are you business hours? 

  • see main page

Are children allowed and what is the admission for them?

  • Yes children are allowed at parental discretion 

  • Children 6 years and under are free. Otherwise it is the same admission fee.

Are dogs allowed?

  • Of course!

Handicap Accessibility 

We are not handicap accessible but we can help lift up the stairs as many people in wheelchairs have done in the past. If you want a private viewing or would like to visit during our events, we will not charge but ask you to contact us in advance so we can schedule a time and be prepared to be at your assistants. Text (626)222-7257. You are VIP and deserve to be treated as such. We are here to assist you and just because we dont have ramps doesn't mean you can not come in. We will get you inside and any guests you bring will also be on the house. No charge for the inconvenience 


How can I stay up to date with events and gallery exhibitions?

  • We are most active with updating our Instagram @sugarmyntgallery. You may also subscribe to our email newsletter by visiting our website and entering your email address.

Can I rent the space for events or movies? 

  • Yes you can rent out the gallery for events, private parties, movie screenings, art exhibitions, pop-ups etc. Prices vary depending on the type of event and time of year. Visit our website under “Rent Us” to get estimated price points on rentals. Contact the gallery via email ( ) with detailed information about your rental for exact prices and availability. Info needed: Potential date(s), type of event, attendance, interested in renting inside, outside or both.


Can I submit my artwork to the gallery?

  • We accept artist submissions, please visit our website and click ----> “For The Artists” for our submission guidelines. 


What merchandise do you sell at the gallery?

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