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September 3 - October 31
Welcome to Haddonfield 8
"You Can't Kill the Boogeyman"

SugarMynt's Annual Halloween Movie Tribute Exhibition

SugarMynt Gallery’s highly anticipated exhibition, Welcome to Haddonfield, is back! For SugarMynt’s 8th annual Halloween exhibit, we’re celebrating the Halloween films, and Halloween feels. With “Halloween Ends” coming out this October, our focus is paying tribute to this franchise that never dies. We’ll have original artwork dedicated to Michael Myers and the rest of the Haddonfield crew, as well as our behind the scenes photos by Kim Gottlieb-Walker featuring “Halloween” (1978) and “Halloween II.”


The exhibit will be on view September 3 - October 31. 

Evil Comes Home.png

Artwork - Emily V. Keefe

Featuring The Artwork By

Abby Belle

Ashley Besh

Bonnie Robinson Stewart

Brittney Duquette

Chris Shary

Destiny Kelly

Douglas Alvarez

Eric Haskell

Alan Dellascio

Grace Gordon

Greg Bach

Jennifer Maimone

Jessie Lovano

Jimi Martinez

Joe Rizzotto

Josh Stebbins

Kaley Rodriguez


Lady Beaver

Lucky Hellcat

Lori Herbst

Maggie Wyman

Mark Tavares

Bat in your Belfry

Morgan Booth

Phillip Joyce

Rachel Satya

Richard Garcia

Robert Heckman

Ryan Samuel Carr

Faith Antillon

Steffany Rodriguez

Terri Berman

Unwrapped Art

Winifred Kwan

Micheal Strapac

Leticia White

Ryan Wilkins

Gabriel Edwards

Robert Heckman

Robert Taylor

Adam Michaels

Emily V. Keefe

Michael Broom

Robert Burcar

Sarah Vasquez

Sarabeth Kett

Jesse Lemons

Victoria Kokanour

Jeremy Labib

Jack Hagan


Ryan Ayre

Killer Art by RittenHouse

Michael Sanchez

Ebony Montoya

Keith Dewald 

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Monday &  Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday & Thursday: 1 - 6pm
Friday & Saturday: 12- 8pm

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