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Chris Shary

Toil & Trouble
 Witches Throughout The Ages
March 6 - April 17

When you think of Witches, what’s the first image that comes to mind? Halloween? Broomsticks? Salem? Magic Spells? Cauldrons? We all have a specific image we think of, most likely from our childhood; books, costumes, movies, stories.

Witches have been depicted in endless ways throughout history — from evil, wart-nosed women cackling while riding through the sky on brooms wearing pointy hats, to the beautiful enchantress who lives deep in the forest.

Over time our admiration for witches may have evolved, but if you love witches as much as we do, at one time or another you’ve pictured yourself standing in front of a bubbling black cauldron saying those magic words “Double, double Toil & Trouble / fire burn and cauldron bubble!”

This exhibit highlights witches in all their mystical glory, featuring witchy artwork, photo ops, and more! Witches beware: enter if you dare

During regular business hours

Free front room and $10/person beyond the red curtain


Friday & Saturday : 1pm - 7pm

Sunday: 12pm - 5pm

off hour/day appointments welcome.


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