Current Exhibition

Dark Passenger Dexter Tribute
May 1 - July 31

Tonight's the night...The night you’ll enter the mind of Dexter... And it’s going to SugarMynt Gallery...


South Pasadena’s a great town. Dark streets. Known for a serial killer. But Dexter’s not just any Monster. He’s a killer with a code. A code that allows his Dark Passenger to take the wheel and kill the ones who deserve it. Hunting down murderers who've slipped through the cracks of the justice system.

SugarMynt invites you to experience the darkness of Dexter. Enter his kill room, admire his trophies, interact with his dark passenger. But... your motives better be checked at the door, or you may be the next victim on his table.

"Do I see plastic sheets in your future?" - Dexter Morgan

Featuring Artwork by

Alan Dellascio

Bat In Your Belfry

Chris Shary

Destiny Kelly

Douglas Alvarez

Grace Gordon


Jessie Lovano

Jimi Martinez

Joe Rizzotto

Killer Art by Rittenhouse

Lori Herbst

Marissa Suto 

Morgan Booth

Robert Heckman


Stacy Bates

Terri Berman

No reservations needed during regular business hours. 

$15/person to enter


Thursday: 1pm - 6pm

Friday & Saturday : 1pm - 8pm

Sunday: 12pm - 5pm

off hour/day appointments welcome.